(Blood group A, and tested in accordance with homozygous genetic testing for blood groupAA, iesires no B-Kitten, HCM 05 & 07, 09 PKD negative, annually for FeLV, FIV )

EC Joffi vom Wahrberg our first stud has proven to be very good choice. Since 2003 he is our ancestor and is characterized by a clear silver, cobby type, size and a nice tabby pattern. Many of his children he has inherited the typical Gryffindor expression and his imposing stature. 2012, he pass the scepter to his son Gryffindors Silver Firenze.


Our main stud has become 8 years old and not a little quiet, happy birthday Joffi.

Now it is because as far as we send our ancestor to pension-but I can not bring myself to surgical castration now, first he will get the Suprelorinchip.

winter 2012